Monivea Heritage association was founded in October 2020.

Aims and Objectives

The committee is dedicated to documenting, protecting and promoting the heritage of Monivea and the surrounding area.

Our Area: We define our area as the civil parish of Monivea and welcome input and support from those associated with the area regardless of where they are living. 

Our heritage comprises:

Our historical sites, buildings, monuments, objects in museum artefacts and archives.

Our waterways, landscapes, woodlands, bogs, uplands, native wildlife, insects, plants, trees, birds and animals.

Our customs, sports, music, dance, folklore, crafts, skills, and knowledge.                                    

Our heritage is our inheritance – what the past has conceded to us, what we value in the present and what we choose to preserve for future generation.

Monivea Heritage Association is a voluntary group

E Mail Monivea Heritage Association : monivea.heritage@yahoo.com